Ranging between art, optics and experimentation, standing out for its strong narrative power, Tom Rebl is a conceptual, highly identitary collection of limited-edition artisanal glasses designed, realized and distributed by Pregiata Eyewear in worldwide license from the eponymous and iconic fashion designer.

Whilst still keeping their status of useful objects, Tom Rebl frames gain another layer of meaning, due to a rearranged balance of all the components. A detail is overblown gaining visual prominence, or it is totally erased; iconic shapes get a sculptural volume; a seam, or a texture, turn into a statement.

Reflecting Tom’s experimental approach, frames undergo a process of provocative distortion that makes each model a storytelling, actual collector’s piece, pushing the boundaries of the eyewear industry in a continuous search for eclectism and unexpectedness.

Born and raised in Germany, Tom Rebl was professionally formed in the UK, being opening in 2008 his headquarter in Italy where his fashion collections are designed and handcrafted. Tom’s captivating creativity and the extraordinary twist of his creations led the brand to an international standard, with a great number of followers within the world of celebrities and musicians such as Green Day, Justin Bieber, Bluvertigo, Gianna Nannini and Stash from The Kolors amongst others.

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